Saturday, October 26, 2013

WWE 13 Universe Recap

Well, six and a half years of WWE 13 Universe are complete.

Final champions:
WWE: CM Punk
World: Sheamus
IC: Cody Rhodes
US: Kofi Kingston
Tam Team: The United Kingdom
Diva's: Brie Bella

NXT: Sami Zayn
Tag Team: Adrian Neville/Corey Graves
Women's: Paige

I went from the Attitude Era to the WCW/ECW Invasion to the Ruthless Aggression era to today's roster. My best ideas were breaking up Swagger/Cesaro and pit them against each other for the world title, teaming up Barrett and McIntyre and brought back William Regal.

Thank you for following along and look for my WWE 2k14 Universe in the next week or so.

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