Saturday, October 26, 2013


This is it. My Universe comes to an end here. I'm a little disappointed I couldn't make it to WrestleMania, but Survivor Series is a good spot to end. Thank you to everyone who's followed along and be sure to follow me with my 2k14 Universe.

Match 1. Swagger vs. Cesaro vs. Rhodes vs. Sandow vs. Del Rio vs. Sheamus   World Championship
Survivor Series kicks off with an Elimination Chamber match. Can Cody win the world title as the IC champion? Swagger and Cesaro started off the match. Cody was the first to leave his pod. Swagger landed a superplex on Cesaro. Sheamus was the next to enter and went right after Cody. He slammed his face against the steel grating. Sandow was the third to enter. Del Rio entered and all six men went to war. Swagger caught Del Rio with a release German suplex. Sandow and Del Rio indirectly double teamed Cesaro hitting move after move.

Cesaro hit Sandow with a big boot and spine buster. Swagger reversed the Irish Curse. Cesaro tossed Sandow into the glass and hit the Neutralizer. Swagger hit Cody with the gutwrench. He kicked out and landed Cross Rhodes. Cesaro caught Sandow in a roll-up and got the three. Sheamus eliminated Cesaro after a superplex. Cody eliminated Del Rio after a twisting neck breaker. Sheamus elminated Cody after a Brogue Kick. Sheamus hit a suplex and Irish Curse to win the title.

Match 2. Brie vs. AJ vs. Kharma vs. Layla vs. Natalya vs. Kaitlyn   WWE Diva's Championship
Kaitlyn tossed AJ into Brie in the corner. Kharma quickly eliminated Layla. AJ and Kaitlyn worked together and tried to eliminate Kharma. Kaitlyn then clotheslined her over the rope and kicked her to the mat. Brie then eliminated Natalya. Kaitlyn and Brie eliminated AJ. Brie then immediately eliminated Kaitlyn to retain.

Match 3. Extreme Rules - Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Mark Henry
Four veterans enter a war here. RVD speared Kane through the barricade. Kane busted RVD open with a shot to the face with a kendo stick. Henry, a little while later, speared Jericho through the other side. Jericho hit the Codebreaker and almost won. Henry landed the World's Strongest Slam. RVD connected with the super kick and won.

Match 4. Ziggler vs. Kingston vs. Fandango vs. Langston   WWE United States Championship
This is an Extreme Rules match. This was 20 minutes of brutality. They used everything but the kitch...wait, they probably used the kitchen sink, too. Kofi elbow dropped Ziggler through the announce table. Langston busted Fandango open. Ziggler hit Fandango with the Fame Asser and a Zig Zag. Langston destroyed Kofi with the championship. Fandango hit Ziggler with the Complete Shot. Kofi recovered and hit Trouble in Paradise on Langston to win.

Match 5. The United Kingdom vs. The Usos   WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK worked over Jimmy on the outside. Wade busted him open after slamming his head against the post. Drew landed a running clothesline and the Complete Shot. Jimmy tagged in Jey, who landed a diving cross body. Barrett speared Jey through the barricade and Drew kept him on the outside as the ref counted to 10.

Match 6. Last Man Standing - The Miz vs. Brock Lesnar
Can Miz survive this kind of match against Lesnar? Miz was spinning circles around Lesnar. He had him in a headlock, then took him down with a leg drag. Lesnar showed his mat skills with an arm drag. They went to the outside where Lesnar took apart the announce table. Lesnar placed Miz on it and put him through with a huge elbow drop. Not even 15 seconds later, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and won.

Main Event. Rollins vs. Punk vs. Cena vs. Bryan vs. Ryback vs. Orton   WWE Championship
This is the second Elimination Chamber match. Punk and Bryan started the match. Punk caught Bryan with a German suplex. Orton entered the ring. He immediately clotheslined Bryan. The champion's pod opened next. This isn't a bad spot for Rollins. He hit Punk with a German suplex. He then landed a running boot. Ryback came in next. Rollins hit Punk with a jumping hurricanrana from the top. John Cena made his entrance and kicked Rollins in the gut. Ryback busted Orton open with a headbutt. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice on Orton and made him tap. Punk busted Cena open with a tornado DDT.

Rollins then hit Cena with a superkick. Ryback opened Bryan up with a huge big boot. Punk hit Bryan with the GTS and eliminated him. Punk hit Cena with the GTS, but got a one. Ryback hit Rollins with Shell Shock and got the elimination. Cena landed the AA, but no elimination. Cena was bleeding profusely. Punk locked Ryback in a camel clutch and got the elimination. Cena suplexed Punk and then went to the top for a leg drop, but Punk caught him and connected with the GTS to win the title back.

Recap: Miz got really lucky. There was no reason why he should have won that match. The two chamber matches were bloody battles. Two main title changes to close my Universe. What a great ending.

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