Monday, October 21, 2013

October Week 2, Year 7

Match 1. Brodus Clay vs. Tensai
Brodus gets his revenge on his former partner. Tensai dodged Clay's attack and landed a body splash in the corner. Tensai connected with a bicycle kick, but Clay came back with a running powerslam. Tensai hit Clay with a clawhold STO. Clay got right up and hit a big swing and a body splash to win.

Match 2. Brie Bella vs. Layla

Match 3. The Usos vs. Prime Time Players
Either one of these teams can challenge the UK at the next PPV. Titus back body dropped Jey through the announce table. Jimmy superplexed Darren and then hit a super kick. Ttitus came in and hit Jey with a shoulder breaker. Seth Rollins ran down and busted Titus open with a chair shot. Jimmy caught Darren with an Alley Us and won.

Match 4. Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

Main Event. CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins
This is a non-title match. Rollins kicked Punk in the gut and hit him with a spinning flapjack. Rollins hit Punk with multiple open-palm shots to the chest. He then busted Punk open with a super kick. Punk caught Rollins with a running leg drop and the GTS. Punk hit a second GTS two minutes later and won.

Match 1. Enzo Amore vs. Colin Cassady vs. Scott Dawson

Match 2. Aiden English vs. Leo Kruger

Match 3. Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze

Match 4. CJ Parker vs. Alexander Rusev

Main Event. Conor O'Brian vs. Corey Graves

Match 1. Heath Slater vs. Luke Harper

Match 2. Christian vs. Curtis Axel

Match 3. Bray Wyatt vs. Cody Rhodes
Bray caught a seated Rhodes with a running boot. He then busted him open with a front leg sweep. Cody tried making a comeback, but Wyatt kept countering. Wyatt hit Cody with a body splash and Sister Abigail to win.

Match 4. Antonio Cesaro vs. Mark Henry w/ Jack Swagger
Can Cesaro lift Henry up for the Nuetralizer? Swagger tossed in a chair for Henry. Henry landed a tilt-a-whirl slam and belly-to-belly slam. Henry put Cesaro through the announce table with the World's Strongest Slam. Cesaro made it back to his feet, but Henry hit a second WSS and won.

Main Event. RVD and Rey Mysterio vs. The United Kingdom
RVD and Rey team up for the first time in years. The UK attacked Rey and RVD from behind. Barrett went for a powerbomb on Rey, but he countered into a face buster. Barrett and Drew hit RVD with a side slam/reverse neck breaker combo. Drew hit RVD with a Complete Shot and tagged Barrett back in. Barrett hit Wasteland and won.

Recap: It was the heels' night on Smackdown. Clay isn't done with Tensai just yet. Will Rollins still cash in? What about Henry?

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